Today’s competitive business environment requires a reliable, flexible and robust IT infrastructure.  These conflicting demands complicate the IT landscape and place additional pressure on capital expenditure which negatively affects funds that are crucial for business growth. In addition, corporate governance and IT compliance requirements have become important factors in the limitation of personal and corporate liability.  UCS’ comprehensive and personalised IT support capability enables our customers to focus on their core business and business growth and thereby maximise profitability. The core services described below are the building blocks in the comprehensive array of IT services provided by UCS Solutions.


Corporate Cloud Services provides a full spectrum of services from desktop support through to hosted systems and applications on a corporate cloud. This cloud was developed and is owned by UCS Solutions. It provides a secure, fit for purpose, cost-effective, end-to-end hosting solution. UCS utilises world-class technologies that support high availability, mission-critical systems through robust, scalable and leveraged platforms.


Converged Communication Services provides all networking related requirements for hosting or standalone networking including consulting, design and the rollout of partial or complete network communication infrastructure. The management of multiple third party network service providers, and the interconnects between them, limits your complexity in managing the IT communications landscape.


Continuity Services provide disaster recovery capabilities plus delivery of specialised ‘back-up and restore’ functionality to limit personal and business risk in the event of a disaster. This service includes the documentation and management of system recovery as well as assistance to link IT recovery to a full business continuity plan that mitigates critical governance, risk and compliance, statutory requirements.


Command Centre and IT Service Management capabilities provide end to end management and delivery of all UCS services to our clients. The Command Centre is a first call resolution service desk designed to maximise our customer productivity through integrated monitoring, management systems and real time self-help applications. The Command Centre is structured around a scalable solution which can be customised for industry specific support.   

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How we deliver

UCS Solutions’ engagement model is designed to ensure that we understand our customers’ business drivers and maximise their IT infrastructure investment. We pride ourselves in delivering personalised and uniquely crafted solutions with a level of flexibility and agility that differentiates us in the IT service delivery market.


UCS Solutions has been certified to international best practice standards such as ISO 20000 ( service delivery), ISO 27000 (Security )and ISO 22301 (Business Continuity Management) ,which ensures that clients  are engaging with a premium IT service provider that delivers to audited  international standards. UCS Solutions was the first South African IT service provider to achieve the ISO 20000 certification and the first company in Africa to certify in the ISO 22301 BCM standard.


The Service Delivery Model below demonstrates the components in this interaction.


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"Clients are increasingly looking at their networks as enablers of global transformation.’’ - Warren Hart, IBM vice president for Integrated Communications Services, Strategic Outsourcing.


UCS Solutions provides a managed, end-to-end Converged Communications service that specialises in aligning IT to business value. We design modular, tailored network solutions using multiple access technologies and industry leading vendor products to optimise your network bandwidth and enhance end user experience.



The entire Converged Communications service is monitored and managed with our Enhanced Monitoring platform This provides a graphical representation of the entire network to provide end-to-end visibility in real-time to our specialist support teams.


Wide Area Network

From Voice to Optimised data management, UCS Solutions provides the monitoring, management and co-ordination of all third parties to deliver a total Wide Area Network (WAN) solution. We have a number of dedicated Points of Presence throughout South Africa. The result is an integrated fixed line, Wireless, Satellite, Broadband or Mobile solution to service any networking connection requirement for your business.


UCS Solutions provides full management of the network infrastructure from design to daily operation, contract management and network optimisation. We aim to:


  • Reduce your IT spend through WAN optimisation, using Quality of Service, compression and acceleration devices, to provide a higher throughput and reduced bandwidth cost.
  • Provide your business with a secure, virtual, high availability external B2B connection, alleviating the need for skilled staff to manage complex network interconnects.


Supporting services include Monitoring and Management of the WAN environment, with:


  • Firewall security.
  • Demilitarised zone (DMZ) configurations.
  • IPsec tunnels.
  • Router setup and maintenance and
  • Third party inter-domain link management.


Corporate Network

Outsourcing Corporate Networking support reduces your internal IT staff spend for these highly skilled engineers.



Our LAN service includes the maintenance, configuration, repair, switch software upgrading and warranty management of all onsite environments. We offer specialised skills in the design, deployment and management of wireless access points and wireless LAN controllers.


Supporting services like Web Content Filtering and Intrusion Prevention can be implemented to secure your environment from external threats while providing insightful reporting on internet usage.


With our proven retail industry expertise, UCS Solutions is ideally positioned to deliver industry-recognised security standards including PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), PoPI (Protection of Personal Information) and other tailored corporate governance standards and policies, which further enhance security profiles. These services are combined in UCS Solutions’ enhanced monitoring platform, which lets us monitor, manage and report on the entire Corporate Network in real-time.


VOIP Convergence

UCS Solutions’ VOIP Convergence service provides a platform which routes voice calls over the most cost-effective network, be it national, international or cellular. Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders, UCS Solutions offers integrated VOIP, PABX, Video and Data options for a comprehensive communications solution.





UCS Solutions has deep experience in hosting corporate server environments, with our Corporate Cloud Services platform meeting the IT requirements of South Africa’s largest retailers and manufacturers.


Our commitment to consistent service delivery is confirmed by globally recognised ISO/IEC 20000 certification, which UCS Solutions achieved before any other South African IT company.


This managed services model delivers a capital expenditure-free deployment with reduced operating expenses.


Virtual Hosting Services

Virtual Hosting Services within the UCS Solutions Corporate Cloud environment enables organisations to host business critical systems in a secure, scalable and dynamic hosted Enterprise IT environment. We maximise server availability through the use of enterprise class Wintel (x86) and UNIX (RISC)-based virtualised platforms. Whether you need to run high end SAP systems on UNIX or Linux, or need workhorse messaging, database or application systems running Windows, our virtual hosting environment is the solution.


Software virtualisation is the core component of this service. The Hypervisor shares enterprise class hardware across multiple client environments, UCS Solutions offers dynamic server, network and storage resources for a more cost-effective, resilient environment which is responsive to changing business needs.



Supporting services include Management and Administration, Monitoring, Security and Consulting services across three operating system technologies: Microsoft Windows, Redhat Linux and AIX UNIX. Backed with these services, your operating systems run at optimum performance and stability levels.


Application Management, Backups, Anti-Virus, User Directory Management, Database Administration and Storage Management are all part of our service, resulting in a holistic managed service approach to Cloud.


Co-location Hosting Services

With UCS Solutions Co-location, host your own servers in a state-of-the-art data centre. Data centre space, power and connectivity is delivered at cost-effective prices on a utility model. All UCS Solutions support services are available for co-located systems.


Supporting services include Management and Administration, Monitoring, Security and Consulting services across three operating system technologies: Microsoft Windows, Redhat Linux and AIX UNIX. Backed with these services, your operating systems run at optimum performance and stability levels.


Application Management, Backups, Anti-Virus, User Directory Management, Database Administration and Storage Management are included in the co-location offering.


Intelligent Messaging Services

Email messaging is the communication lifeblood of any modern business. The management, protection, redundancy and control of this environment is paramount. We have a single solution for all these requirements: UCS Intelligent Messaging Services.



We provide full messaging redundancy through cloud based systems in the event of local server unavailability. This allows you to control e-mail cosmetics and signatures, ensuring your brand is always upheld. Message archiving is managed, allowing mailbox size management while ensuring old messages are always available. Message encryption can be enabled for additional security. Security standards like Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) are integrated through policies to further protect messaging environments.



UCS Solutions focuses on providing reliable, high quality services to our customers. We would not be able to achieve this without a top class Command Centre (CC) run by high quality staff. Our Command Centre is responsible for proactively managing the clients’ IT environments and is the customer’s single point of contact.


Our ITIL based Command Centre is contactable 24x7x365. We leverage skills from across the business to focus on 1st and 2nd Line Management; Operations Management and IT Service Management in order to command, control and achieve our committed service levels as well as high customer satisfaction. Our service management, reporting and governance processes are mature. We work with over 60 internal and external support groups in the provision and management of services to our blue chip client base.


Supporting services of an outsourced Command Centre including: consultants; telephony; infrastructure; technology; management and hosting of your Command Centre requirements.  We can also provide a hybrid of outsourced and hosted components designed to meet your specific needs.



1st and 2nd line Management

In order to reduce call resolution times and improve customer service, the CC has integrated multi-disciplined 1st and 2nd line support functions into a single support structure that can leverage skills from all technical areas of the business.


Our retail savvy consultants are all trained to ensure that customer requests are handled effectively and professionally. Our experienced management team ensures on-going consultant productivity, quality management, training and development. This increases both customer satisfaction and first call resolution statistics. Our commitment to ensuring that we retain highly skilled consultants is evident by the fact that we have a dedicated trainer supporting the Command Centre team.



Operations Management

Monitoring, management and control of the IT infrastructure required to operate your business effectively can be a challenge. The UCS Solutions 24x7x365 operations team is dedicated to confronting this challenge by managing your environment utilising customised tools to monitor, escalate and report. This provides you with peace of mind in knowing that the IT operational processes i.e. Change Management, Capacity Management and release Management are being managed and governed by ISO/IEC 20000 and industry best practice principles.


UCS Solutions conducts real-time monitoring and management of operating systems, applications, databases, network devices and servers to ensure that clients are able to effectively run your business.


IT Service Management

IT Service Management runs out of the Command Centre and interacts on the Client Engagement layer of our services. We see ourselves as an extension of client’s capabilities, bringing our own critical mass and specialised experience to bear in order to enhance, integrate and deliver the services you require.


Call statistics from 1st and 2nd line teams are provided to Service Managers who then work with the Continual Service Improvement team to analyse trends and optimise service delivery.


The output from operations management is used to ensure control of operational and business risks across multiple service providers while delivering improved quality and efficiency.


As a single point of contact for all incidents and problems, the CC assumes ownership of the escalation path during a problem call through the Service Management team. We are able to provide efficient and relevant feedback to both the customer’s and UCS’ executives to aid in fast decision making as well as communication to users, until the problem is resolved.


Our value lies in:

  • Proactively managing partner relationships to provide transparency, accountability and maximum mutual benefit.
  • Managing conflict with, or between, service providers.
  • Delivering and managing services utilising a proven governance model based on ISO Standards and ITIL best practices.

Our comprehensive set of integrated tools and supporting processes that bring together our people, processes and methods, infrastructure, tools and portals.

“Increasing deployments of cloud-based solutions and the adoption of the ISO 22301:2012 Business Continuity Management (BCM) standard are redefining the technology and process foundations of continuity and recovery management.” – Gartner.


In today’s highly competitive and service-oriented business environment, organisations are judged on their ability sustain operations at all times. Continued pressures from increased legislation, regulation, exchange control provisions and good governance requirements now demand even stronger control of information, virtually all of which is stored electronically.


An organisational Business Continuity Programme ensures the continued operation of critical business functions in the face of disaster. It leverages the key pillars of people, processes and technology to uphold an organisation’s brand and reputation, which can be affected by disaster readiness - or lack thereof.


UCS Solutions therefore takes a proven approach to business continuity, delivering Continuity Services through an ISO 20000-certified Continuity and Availability Process, a Tier 3 Data Recovery Centre and ISO 22301 certified processes and management. We believe BCM must be approached holistically, considering threats and risks across an organisation; UCS Solutions therefore delivers an end-to-end Continuity Service.


Disaster Recovery

Our Disaster Recovery (DR) service is based on a flexible ‘Hot, Warm or Cold’ site model to suit your strategic resilience and DR risk profile. We have Work Area Recovery seats available at our head office in Sunninghill, accessible in the event of a disaster; along with technical recovery seats for technical staff in our Disaster Recovery Centre located Crown Mines. This combination provides peace of mind and operational stability during difficult times.


We use our own staff to manage the recovery process, which is tested annually. This includes integrated User Acceptance Testing and a coordinated pre- and post-test workshop.


Supporting services include Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Risk Analysis (RA) reporting, assisting your organisation to identify continuity gaps and providing expertise on how to deal with them.


Backup and Recovery

Specialised Backup & Recovery Services are focused on providing an end-to-end backup solution to protect and restore data whilst complying with your retention and data encryption polices.


Enterprise-class systems, including fully redundant server hardware, automated robotic tape libraries and Tivoli Storage Manager software, enable UCS Solutions to securely back up critical information and make it available when you need it most. Offsite data storage is also available for long-term data archiving.